Ortho CG Holdings is a vehicle for investment in the orthopaedic industry.

As the holding company of Synerception Ltd and Osteotec Ltd, and affiliated with Ortho Consulting Group Ltd, we are actively looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio.


Established in 1993, Osteotec is an experienced manufacturer, exporter and UK distributor specialising in upper and lower limb orthopaedic extremities.

Osteotec’s sales, marketing and operations team supplies over 500 UK hospitals. Additionally, their international team has strong links with a multi-national distribution network to promote their own products. Osteotec is looking to partner with orthopaedic extremities suppliers who are seeking a specialist UK orthopaedic distribution channel.



Synerception are UK manufacturers of ChiroKlip, a safe and simple product, that is effective at protecting patients and staff from injury when using k-wires.

Synerception is distributed in the UK by Osteotec, and partner with Ortho Consulting Group to grow their export business.


Ortho Consulting Group

Ortho Consulting Group is a management consultancy, which provides services that build and strengthen internal and external global sales channels within the orthopaedic, spine and medical device industry.

Ortho Consulting Group provides solutions that solve the real issues that affect SMEs and start-ups in orthopaedics and spine, including distributor identification and management, executive team builds and VC/M&A expertise.